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About Colasante Hair Studio


At Colasante Hair Studio, our mission is to provide our clients with the most outstanding and personalized services available in the industry.


Pino Colasante, owner of Colasante Hair Studio, has expertise in hair coloring, specializing in Ombre and a French coloring technique called Balayage, where the highlights are painted directly on to the hair instead of the traditional foil.  To keep hair in good condition, the hair studio frequently makes use of hair color products with protein and uses extra virgin olive oil to condition the hair and keep the color shiny.


What Makes Colastante Hair Studio different?

We are a small hair studio but sought-after for our talented and innovative team of stylists.

Pino Colastante has been in the hair care,  color and styling industry for 35 years. He oversees the daily operations and comes to know the the studio's clients encouraging them to ask him questions about hair.  In fact he provides free hair consultations.

Commitment To  Our  Clients

Pino and his team of stylists are committed to doing their best by their clients, many being long-time customers.  As part of this commitment the hair studio offers a regrowth touch up service for people who get their hair colored. According to Pino, most people get their hair cut about every 6 weeks. However after about 3 weeks, some began to notice hair regrowth showing their original color. At this point, most people either get another cut and color (even though they really don't need a hair cut yet) or they choose to buy hair color products from a grocery store and attempt to touch up their roots at home (which can be a challenge to do it correctly). To address this, the Studio offers a regrowth touch up service that is faster (about 30-35 minutes) and costs considerably less then full color.



Giving the gift of a beautiful hair style is perfect for any occasion. Now giving gift

certificates is really easy!

It's all about customer service and paying attention to details...

To keep hair in good condition, Colasante Hair Studio frequently makes use of hair color products with protein and uses extra virgin olive oil to condition the hair and keep the color shiny. Just one of the details that will make the difference in your hair care experience.

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